What's The Deal With Frozen?

Cheap and cheerful comes to mind for most when we think of frozen foods. A not ideal but necessary evil that works with busy schedules…but like twists of fate in life, it turns out not all frozen food is equal. 

The bad reputation that frozen foods have gained is largely due to the fact that past methods weren’t using great tech which means food was left rather flavourless and had lots added to them in order to keep them tasty. These ingredients aren’t what you want to be feeding your children!

This feels like a blast of cold air from the past because flash freezing, which is what we use here at Rumble Tums, is a high-tech method of food preservation. It involves freezing the food very soon after it is cooked, and very quickly. Because it is fast, the ice crystals are small, so nutrients and vitamins are locked in, and the texture or flavour of the food isn't damaged either.

If we hadn’t gotten you over the line yet, take a read below.

Free From Artificial Preservatives

Freezing slows down the process of food going off so we don’t need to add lots of processed, artificial things to our food to keep it fresher for longer. Processed foods often have ingredients added to preserve them, including sodium, a big no no for kiddies.

Reduces Waste

According to research by WRAP, half (50%) of households with children aged 0-10 at home classify as higher food wasters. Frozen food can help reduce food waste because it can be kept for longer. 

Avoids Having To Pasteurise Food

Lots of kids food with a long shelf life is treated with heat to keep it safe for a long time. You might have experienced food like this, it’s not like family food at all, is it? By flash freezing our food we are able to keep the same taste, texture and nutrient profile as a home cooked meal.

Works Around A Busy Schedule

Frozen food has a long store life so you don’t need to keep popping to the shops for more fresh food. You can buy in bulk and have it ready for those mealtime munchies.

Provides Flexibility

Life doesn’t always go to plan. Sometimes children have a friend over for a playdate and sometimes they go out for food. And then there are the times you just don’t fancy the food you thought you were going to have for dinner. Frozen meals mean there is more flexibility in the menu, without adding to food waste.

At Rumble Tums we have 14 different nutrient dense flash frozen meals that kids love and ask for, in two age relevant sizes. Food to make your life easier and theirs richer.

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